Friday, March 18, 2011


Having recently sung Handel's "Messiah," when I looked out the kitchen window at our neighbor's sheep, I heard myself singing, "There were shepherds abiding in their fields, keeping watch over their flocks by night. Then suddenly...": bang, bang, bang, bang, bang ! Five shots rang out in our otherwise silent countryside. What could this mean ? That somebody would soon be having wild boar stew! Actually, 22 somebodies, according to Farmer G, who says that that was how many had been killed nearby in one day. Flash forward a few days:at dusk on Xmas Eve, we decide to take a little walk in the woods. But when I  see a car parked off the trail and hear shots and notice our wild-boar-ish-colored clothing, I think it may be time to head back to the ranch. After all, I want to make it to 63. Of course, as Goddess of the Hunt, I'm supposed to know what's up, but this is Italy, where rules are made to be broken. Just the same, I'm glad we got out of there in time to wish you a happy, healthy new year.       

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