Sunday, July 24, 2011


When, in-the-heat of the moment, I sent the Scorpion/Jiminy Cricket story to a few trusted critics to ask their opinion, one replied more enthusiastically than the other. I got a "Oui. Blogworthy" from one, and this from another:

"A good story--but it needs a picture of the monster bug.  the captions for the cricket are cute and clever...."

So now I'm thinking that there could be a silver lining, if Mme. Scorpion should happen to come by, looking for her errant hubby. Next time I will remain cool, grow a third hand to weight down the cup while I get the iPhone into camera mode and snap some winning, Jiminy Cricket-esque photos before opening the window to liberate Mme. S. Oughttabe a snap.

As I might say in English, "Can't wait!" 
As it turned out, I didn't have to wait long. 

DISCLAIMER:I might add that as distasteful as this photo may be (my own mother already said she was turned off by my cricket story and by the zucchini flowers that she couldn't imagine why I would want to eat), no violence that I know of was involved in the demise of Mme. S. I found her already croaked on the loggia one sunny morning. Maybe she self-destructed hfrom grief over her missing hubby?

By the way, I find it interesting that from a linguistic standpoint, there is really no way I know of to translate "can't wait!" into French. ("J'attends avec impatience le plaisir de le faire" does not quite cut it.) What does it mean that it could easily be done in italiano ?

In case you are worried that my wounded plastic cup will not be up to the job, here is photo evidence to the contrary: Signore Michelin is (almost) as good as new--note his Mona Lisa-esque smile that fairly screams "sono l'uomo a tutto fatto, e vincerò!" Just as most things taste better over here, so many things just sound better in Italian. Isn't the previous, "I'm just the man for the job and I will prevail" a good example?

"I may be a bit chubby and held together with scotch tape, but I am perfectly capable of transporting any bug that comes under my province to the nearest exit."

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