Saturday, July 23, 2011


Buona sera,
Thanks for the encouragement and positive feedback about my baby owl story. I am actually hoping for a lot less adventure around that pool--especially when I have to stick my hand in the baskets to dump out the killer-sized creatures (often with giant pincers!) that get filtered in there. The drowned rodents are especially unwelcome finds:ugh-a-roony! 

Fortunately Farmer G was here when I found the first one. When he came over to have a look, he was very perplexed by my distress. "Ma lui รจ morto"--"but he's dead, so what's the big hairy deal?" Then he calmly tossed the contents of the basket over the same fence where I had previously put the baby owl. But for the next little mouse or whoever he was, I was on my own. 

Right after the owl adventure I figured I  might as well go for broke and look in those nasty pool "collection" baskets. Fortunately the fates were kind and it was just the usual suspects.

I think I am going to wait for Farmer G's next visit before sticking my hand down there again.
Saved once again, by Farmer G!

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