Saturday, August 13, 2011


Man Ray ain't got nuthin' on this guy!

So why is he smiling? 
He's just been sold a set of replacement hinges and screws from another model that MIGHT work, if he can drill new holes without the whole thing becoming even more guasto. If that happens, assuming there will have been no injuries during the attempted re-hinging process, he will have to pay 45 euros to order a new one that is unlikely to arrive in our lifetime.
The toilet seat folks were skeptical that the hinges they sold us would work, but 9 euros sounded better than 45.
They also jokingly said that they could try ordering the correct hinges, but that every time they do, they receive the wrong, 9-euro hinges that they sold us. We all agreed it was worth a try.

There is a happy punchline to this story. Our talented daughter-in-law who can fix most anything, but who was away during the guasto toilet seat incident, took a Slovene look at the whole thing and noticed that there was no need for new hinges or a trip to the toilet seat store at all. To her eye, it's not really guasto. It just needs to be reattached correctly.

Maybe I will have to remove Number 9 from the Guasto Hit Parade, after all.

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