Thursday, August 18, 2011


Figs, gorgonzola, zuke blossoms, onions, fresh salvia & basil, crema di balsamico and a pizza oven

Put'em together and whaddaya got ?
Bibbitty, Bobbity, Boo?

It may look like Madagascar,
But it tasted a whole lot better.

Just as I was sadly realizing that we are down to the wire in terms of our summer time here, N runs in with his arms full of figs--luscious, plump, and juicy.

 This is the first time I have been here to taste the fall fig crop, which has arrived early, making a great combo with my slightly later-than-usual departure for the States. This has been a goofy year in terms of the cycle of our trees, with early pears and even apples--crops that I had been longing to taste, a dream that has been hard to realize for someone on an academic calendar.

As I anticipate having to pack up and leave, the song from Camelot keeps ringing in my ear:

If ever I could leave you
It wouldn't be in springtime
Knowing that in spring I'm 
Bewitched by you so 

Oh no, not in springtime 
Summer, winter, or fall
No never could I leave you
At all.

Maybe that is my love song to this beautiful corner of Umbria, which gets harder and harder to leave.

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