Wednesday, July 22, 2015


How to know if you are dead? If your name is posted here, things do not look good for you. 

Instead of the obituaries that appear in American newspapers, in our Italian neighborhood, the name of the deceased is noted on posters like these. But it's unusual to see, on the same billboard, a notice about upcoming Festas or Zumba lessons. 

While visiting the lovely city of Amelia, I was surprised to see this juxtaposition of death and Zumba fitness lessons early in the afternoon.

But when I passed by after lunch, the colorful festival poster had been replaced by another notice that was not related to the funerals of those who had passed on. 

Although many of us think of death as being rather final, I had heard that burial in Italian cemeteries might be anything but permanent. Apparently buried coffins are stacked, and after a pileup of ten or so, you reach another expiration date and it's your spot that gets passed on. 

Maybe a few of those Zumba lessons that got the boot from the billboard would forestall the literal passing-on of passers-by? 

If you want to find out about the lessons, however, you've got to carpe your diem and note the time and location before the info gets plastered over. Hmm...I wonder what Zumba lessons are like in Italia. 

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