Saturday, July 18, 2015

SOME OF US ARE JUST NOT MEANT FOR THE OPEN ROAD (but this time I'm not referring to my suspect driving)

I may live on two continents, but that doesn't mean that I travel well. Maybe a photo or two of the toilettries I brought on a recent 5-day trip will suffice to explain. 

True confession: I am a reforming hoarder who has really tried to cut back on what I need to bring when leaving home, but you probably couldn't tell from these pictures. And this isn't even all of it. In an effort at self-help, I'm going to list some of these objects, and think out loud about how necessary they are. 

I see that I started this post over a month ago, and it just sat here waiting for me to deal with it. ARGH! More hoarding?

But maybe there's another way to look at it: I knew I had another trip coming up, and my intention was to study all this stuff and see what I could do to travel lighter. As an extra incentive, there would be no checked bags, and the weight limit for carry-on was 8 kilos. 

I'm proud to say that my carry-on ended up weighing just 7.3 kilos. How did I accomplish this? By recklessly leaving behind Dent Temp (the special glue that says it will reattach any wayward crowns or fillings that decide to go on a walkabout) Flonase for seasonal allergies (maybe this won't be allergy season?) new Yves Rocher Lilac perfume (instead of bringing it, I knew I could spritz myself silly in the airport shops and take away a handful of samples of my favorites on a bunch of those little papers that couldn't possibly add the extra .7 kilo that would put me over the edge) LUSH lipstick  (it was getting kind of old, anyway) portable raincoat from the Victoria and Albert Museum Shop (because rain is rarely an issue in summertime Greece)

6.the snacks for on the road (it's only a short flight and as it turned out, lovely Aegean Airlines even feeds you something edible en route)

7.the Acqua Roberts Rose Water facial astringent (I can't figure out if it does anything besides smell nice, anyhow)

8.the nice, big cotton squares to use with the above product and for makeup removal. (That was no sacrifice since my Maybelline Great Lash mascara comes right off with water and toilet paper.)
NOT PICTURED HERE are my 13 favorite dental implements. But as a dentally challenged person despite a maniacally diligent cleaning program (how unfair is that??), I would NEVER go anywhere without them.

The other indispensable travel item without which I would never knowingly dare step onto a plane (since that's what keeps the airplane aloft) is my MAGIC TRAVEL SHIRT, which I have previously mentioned many times. But given the critical importance of that garment, it deserves a blog piece of its own.

So does the above constitute progress on the anti-hoarding front? I'm inclined to think so. But then again, I may not be the best judge. In any case, I have to admit how fantastic it felt not to have to wait for baggage that might not arrive. Could it be that I'll live long enough to be able to travel from one home continent to the other with just a carry-on, and without freaking out? Even a recovering hoarder can dream!

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  1. I am very proud of your considerable progress. Never Include Clutter Ever (NICE) is my mantra. See if it helps.