Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Looks innocent, doesn’t he?

This is our rescue dog, Murray’s second summer in Italy, where he has learned a new trick:how to throw himself against the window of the parked car with enough force to break it! 

And for his second act, he jumps out the busted window and starts taking a passeggiata to look for some company. 

Our architect friends were kind enough to babysit M for the six days we were in Slovenia. When they told us that he had done this to their car, we couldn't believe it. 

As the story goes, Daniele left Murray to go into the post office for a minute only to see Murray walking in through the front door! Then he looked back at the car and noticed that the window was busted and there was glass all over the place. He was trying to think what might have possessed Murray to do such a thing. Obviously, Murray needed some stamps.

That little escapade was in addition to the time M slipped through their fenced property to chase after Daniele's car. (Those two are quite bonded.) Fortunately Gabriella saw what happened and phoned Danielle in time for him to stop and bring Murray Houdini  back to the house. Mamma mia!

Well, the day after we picked up Murray from our friends’ house, we were still skeptical about the whole broken window story when I went to the Italian dentist to get my tooth pulled. Jim came in with me to find out how long this little operation was going to take, leaving our hairy son Murray in the car. Then he came back out and took Murray for a passeggiata until Toothless D was ready to go.

With my ice pack against my cheek, we made our way back to the car only to be stopped by a nice Italian guy who asked, "is that your car that had the dog in it?" We looked over at the car and there was no window or Murray there. 

The gentleman had seen M throwing himself against the slightly open window, break it, and then jump out to take a stroll around the parking lot looking for his master. Fortunately he had not gone far, and Jim was able to bring him back to our now very "glassy" and breezy car.

With me holding M in my lap in the front seat, we headed straight to our mechanic's to order a new window. Since we had found this mechanic thanks to Daniele, we knew that he would soon be coming in to order his own replacement window, for which we intended to pay. 

In the true Italian way, of course we asked for a discount on the second window!

The Italian economy may indeed be a shambles, but as you can see, we are doing our bit to help it along.

"Now admit it...Aren't I adorable? And innocent of any crimes I committed in order to be with my Best Friend?"

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