Monday, November 23, 2015


First I'm going to flush my toilet, and then I will explain.  And keep in mind that all of this is after many things went bump in the night.

The weather gurus predicted a middle-of-the-night thunderstorm, but little did we know what would accompany it. Our pump—the very one that brings water to the house to be used for functions such as toilet flushing—was in need of an electrician. When you live in the middle of the countryside where electrical problems occur with regularity, you need a man in your life like our Mirko. And of course his work partner of the moment. But no visit from Mirko would be complete without an update on his pretty partner in life.
Portrait of the Electrician as a Young Man
So here come some highlights from what was at the time the latest chapter in the amorous adventures of Mirko and Nicoletta. (Full disclosure: this piece has been gathering dust in my iPhone Notes for the past three years--kind of like the marriage plans of Mirko and his intended.)

Although it’s none of my business, I like to tease him about their 
l-o-n-g (at this point, 14-year) courtship:
“Aren't you a little young to be thinking of getting married?” (He was 37 when I asked)
Didn't I tell you he was cute?

Like Penelope in the “Odyssey,” Mirko had been stalling about getting their apartment ready for the move away from his and Nicoletta's cozy homes with their respective moms. But then came this shocking news: FLASH! The apartment is fine, and they're supposed to move in next week. Could it be?
Mirko is pretty good with a ladder.  Except for the time he fell off and busted his arm. Maybe he looks so happy here because he knows how to escape from that conjugal apartment?

Contrary to what I presumed, Mirko's mom is MORE than eager for him to leave! She's had it! Does Nicoletta know anything more about cooking than the last time I asked? Nope. He says that her specialty is Facebook. But he added that she does have a good nursing job now taking care of old folks. That will be good practice for the future, assures Mirko. Here's the story.

Nobody is rushing into anything. They had been together for 14 years--since he was 23 and she 17. But Mirko says that 37 is far too young to think about having kids. When will be the right time? When he's 50. That will make the timing just about right for those kids to grow old enough to be able to take care of HIM. Until then, there's always Mom and a pretty wife who is a trained professional nurse.

I just hope I live long enough to be invited to the wedding.

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