Thursday, January 15, 2015


No matter how hard you try, I doubt you will be able to figure out what's going on here. Never mind the dead fruit tree at the left.

Mystery photo #1

Mystery photo *2

Mystery photo #3

Under that pile of ???, beneath the limited winter sun of the next few months is a rest home for plants that have no business being outside at this time of year. The shadow is of the wacky woman who should be packing right now instead of conducting nutty plant experiments. In just three days, she's set to head back into the serious winter weather of the US Northeast where no gardenia, hibiscus, or geranium cuttings would stand a chance.

A sensible, non-hoarder would say, as do the clergy at funerals, something to the effect of: "So-and-so has enjoyed a good life, but her work on earth is done. Now it's time for a well-earned rest."  Instead, I am pushing the envelope, trying to see if a little more life can be squeezed out of these plants which, truth be told, have not looked that great even under the best conditions of the Umbrian sun.

It would make perfect sense to let them go. So why am I doing this? I'm not really sure.

When Voltaire said "One must cultivate one's garden," I don't think this is what he meant. But the sun is going down now, and it's time to leave those plants in peace.

At the other end of the life cycle, I have a new granddaughter who is likely to make her debut today. Like my plants,  she, too, is sure to be getting a lifetime of loving attention.

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